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After years spent as a closeted fashion addict, I decided it was time to come out in the open and share some of my personal style. I have been blogging here since April 2015. I guess I’m an addictive personality – obsessed with canines, all things nature, science and food – and I’m actually a Biologist. This blog is an outlet to share my creative side, sense of style and to document the little things I love about life.

I’m thirty-four and currently live in Berlin, Germany with my male human, two dogs and too many clothes. I love expressing myself through fashion and make-up which is why most of my posts will be dedicated to outfits and beauty topics – superficial but fun!

Having been a bit of a globetrotter, I still enjoy travelling which I will share with you from time to time. I have grown up in the western part of Germany and lived in New Zealand as a teenager so I feel lucky to have seen a bit of this gorgeous planet. I’m a country girl at heart and keep saying that I could live in a cabin in the wilderness if given half a chance. Until then, I guess I’m content to dabble in urban gardening and stalk insects with my camera in the urban jungle that is Berlin.


My sense of style is best described as eclectic. I have a taste for beautiful things but I’m also aware of sustainability issues and in the end – it comes down to mixing and matching. The concept of slow fashion is something I fully support – nevertheless, you will see some mainstream fashion items here as well as the occasional DIY.

I love to connect, would absolutely love to hear from you and really appreciate your thoughts and comments! Hope you all have a lovely day ♥ Christina


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  1. Saba

    Hi Christina!

    It’s a pleasure to visit your blog and read about your inspirations. Your images are really beautiful, and it’s great to hear about your socially conscious approach to fashion. There’s no reason why a person can’t be passionate about fashion, as well as science! We all have different passions and celebrating these is a really positive thing!

    Saba x

    • caliope

      Thank you very much, Saba! I’m so happy you like my approach. And so true – we all have a lot of different passions. Thanks for stopping by x

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