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Month: April 2015

Pineapple prints have been popping up quite a bit lately and, what can I say? I am a huge fan. Not only as a Biologist which accounts for some of my affinity towards floral prints.

I like fruit prints as they give a playful edge to all kinds of minimal or classy outfits.


Here is a small collection of the pineapple themed items I currently love. I discovered that MSGM has quite a few great pieces in their collection. For Resort 2015 they offered up a collection of bold, busy prints with lots of pineapple motifs. I totally love those pineapple print dresses…but more of that later.




promod trenchcoat and galaxy print backpack

There was a time not long ago when backpacks were actually reserved for kids still in school, nerds of every ilk or people who really don’t care. Well, times have changed!

It all started when I decided to finally put into action my long-hedged plan to take a bike to work. Grudgingly, I had to admit that a backpack would come in handy and would actually be a useful accessory. So I started scanning the market and discovered there were actually a lot of not too bad looking backpacks out there…but then I spotted this galaxy print backpack from spiral bags at Zalando…and fell head over heels!

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