Promod Trenchcoat


Promod Trenchcoat and Joop Cornflower Bag

Originating in World War I, over the course of the 20th century the trenchcoat has become a synonym of sophistication and effortless elegance.

Ironically, it was first created to protect soldiers from the elements in the horrible trenches of WWI Belgium, hence the name. This is a far cry from the current use. This Promod trench is one of my favourites. It is a bit shorter and more fitted than the Kiomi trench featured in Time For Trench . I love the way it drapes – just very feminine. It’s made from very light cotton with a soft feel, not the classic, heavier gabardine fabric. This is what makes it perfect for warm weather though.



Outfit Details:

Promod Trenchcoat

Bloch patent leather flats

Joop bag


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