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National Pink Day

National Pink Day II
National Pink Day was on June 23rd – who knew there were so many different National Days? Well, in honor of NationalPinkDay I thought I’d do a little shopping compilation of my favourite pink pieces and finds.



Remember this post here from last year? In case you were craving some more pink :)

I personally really like pink as a statement colour for accessories or for dresses as cool pinks tend to go well with my colouring. A pink all-over look would seem a bit displaced though (unless you are six years old perhaps –  on the other hand I know Mums who steadfastly dress their little girls only in neutral colours, blacks and browns but I remember being quite in favour of pink when I was little). Generally, I don’t think it deserves the bad rep it sometimes gets as it’s quite a vibrant summer colour after all! Think of all those plants and animals out there whose natural colour is some shade of pink. Flamingoes are usually associated with pink although in reality their colour often gravitates more towards coral, very light pink and red hues. Did you know they get their colour from carotenoids they obtain from the crustaceans and plankton they eat? Having vibrant plumage is actually a sign of good health and an indication for an optimal food supply in the flamingo world.

Do you like to wear pink or are you a firm pink evader? I’d love to know in the comments.


Flamingo Pink
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  1. Izabela

    I think pink is a fun colour to wear. I love your picks, especially the flamingo coin purse.

  2. Melanie

    Oh, die Rebecca Minkhoff Tasche gefällt mir sehr gut! So in knalligem Pink habe ich kein einzigstes Stück in meinem Schrank (das sollte ich mal ändern), ansonsten trage ich ja gerne Pink auf den Nägeln und den Lippen :-*

    ganz liebe Grüße
    Melanie /

  3. Sarah

    I don’t wear pink that often but I love these items. The flamingo purse is so cute and the pleated skirt is gorgeous. I guess that I like flamingos! :)

    Sarah |

  4. luda

    Nice look

  5. Lola

    great !!
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  6. Nilgun aydın

    I love pink. I like your wishlist. Loves.

  7. Saskia-Katharina

    Das ist ja mal richtig pink! Die Taschen sind schon ein Hingucker, sie gefallen mir gut :)

    Liebe Grüße

  8. aimeebustillo

    very interesting fact! love the color pink very feminine and vibrant <3

    Capturing Life Memoirs |

  9. WMBG

    Oh, wie süß und das Rebecca Minkhoff Modell ist einfach nur genial <3


    Wiebke von WMBG


  10. Carmen

    Oh what a great post! I love these picks :) I need this flamingo purse in my life!
    xx, Carmen –

  11. Chiara

    Ich bin ein echter Pink-Liebhaber und deine Zusammenstellung gefällt mir super :)

    Liebst, Chiara |

  12. Daria Arcimowicz

    I adore pink:) I wish I’d known about the national pink day :)

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