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Choosing The Flowers

tips for choosing the wedding flowers

Flowers are a must-have for most weddings. There’s a vast amount of options when it comes to including plants in your wedding – or did you know you could use kale in your bouquet?

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5 Tips for Transitioning into Spring

raindrops on pastel pink tulip petals

Today is the first day of spring, the vernal equinox 2016 and here in Berlin we have been blessed with rain at 7°C. All the more reason to go about making spring a priority in your closet! Continue reading

5 Tips To Beat The Heat

P1140520 k12

We are in the midst of another heatwave here in Berlin and it’s taking its toll. We actually hit 35°C last Friday which can be quite exhausting in the city. I was so tired all over the weekend, I cuddled up with the dogs and slept most of the day. Thermoregulation works in mysterious ways. Lucky for us there are some hacks that can make your life much more comfortable during a heatwave. Here are 5 of my favourite tricks for staying happy and comfortable despite the temperatures.

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