The heatwave that has been scorching Europe for a week finally hit Germany last weekend. A new all-time hottest temperature (40,3°C) was reached in the South on Sunday, according to Deutscher Wetterdienst. Berlin was moderately lucky to get away with just over 38°C. Nevertheless, it felt positively tropical. This kind of weather is always a bit trying and it’s key to make yourself as comfortable as possible. I usually prefer to find a cool place in the shade and stay there. But if I have to go out, I like to opt for something airy and comfortable. Normally, I’m a fan of fitted styles but in this weather comfort is a clear priority.

After refusing to wear playsuits for years, I decided to give my latest find a chance to prove itself: a simple black romper by Vero Moda. And I haven’t regretted it a bit. I love the way it drapes and the light quality of the jersey is rather cooling. Plus, it is insanely comfortable! What better to go with this than a contrasting panama-style hat which is sorely needed with my skin type. As I don’t tan I might as well get the best out of shielding my skin. Even Tora was glad we found a cool place in the shade to walk…

The monochromatic, casual simplicity of the playsuit provides a perfect canvas for accessories. So, almost as an afterthought I added a statement necklace by H&M. It’s one of these items you know you own but haven’t worn in ages. I love it though… it features a large, enamelled beetle pendant with moving tarsals. You know, I’m a bit of a sucker for cute creature inspired jewellery and accessories…

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Outfit Details:

Romper – VERO MODA, via Zalando

Hat, Sandals, Necklace – H&M


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