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The Blanket Scarf


One of those patterns that never go out of style is the good old check design.

In fact, check scarves are rather timeless but I especially like them when accessorizing fall outfits. I fell in love with a blue and camel coloured blanket scarf while I was in Dublin. I found this at Marks & Spencer in Grafton Street, a store I always like to check out when I’m on the British Isles or Ireland. They had quite a few items in the bags and scarves department I liked but when I saw the colours on this scarf I instantly knew it had to be mine. I personally love the colour blue and the different shades on this scarf in combination with black and a fine caramel stripe make for a lovely addition to my scarf collection. In summer I really liked mixing electric blue with a very soft pink so this is what I did in this outfit.

The Esprit cardigan I’m wearing matches the colour of the scarf nicely and the pastel pink bag adds a feminine twist. Inadvertently, the rest of the outfit is by Esprit as well, a label I rather like for their versatile basics. Both bag and boots are made of faux leather, i.e. polyurethane which is a good choice for fall because it withstands wet weather rather well.


P1210519 de


Apart from this scarf my small Marks & Spencer haul consisted of a pastel pink chiffon top. Pastel pink being one of my go-to colours, this will serve as a nice basic item for work which can be dressed up or down. I also found the coolest thing…this black and white umbrella with, yes, little umbrellas printed on it. The best part is that the white umbrellas are supposed to change colour once they get wet. How fun is that? I haven’t tried it out yet but I can’t wait to use this in Berlin rain.


Outfit Details:

Scarf – Marks & Spencer

Bag – Esprit (similar here)

Boots – Esprit (similar here)

Cardigan – Esprit (similar here)


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blanket scarf Marks & Spencer matt and natt bag   electric blue cardigan Esprit

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  1. milex

  2. Saskia

    Der Schal sieht super toll aus!

    • caliope

      Danke dir, Saskia! :)

  3. rach.

    that scarf, love it! so beautiful!
    if you get the chance, i’d really appreciate it if you checked out my blog and let me know what you think! you’re opinion would be SO appreciated. :)

    love, rach.
    So, hi.

    • caliope

      Thank you so much, Rach! Sure :) would love to check out your blog.

  4. Sophie

    wow, good shoots. I lovin your boots.

    • caliope

      Thank you, Sophie :) Hope you have a great week!

  5. Natassia Crystal

    Scarves are always so versatile and this one looks good on you! :)

    Those colour-changing umbrellas sounds really cool! Have you tried them already?

    I’m sure those boots also come in handy when it rains over there in Berlin. I know it has been doing that for weeks over here! :P

    YouTube | Blog: Geekette in High Heels | Instagram

    • caliope

      Yeah, scarves are a great staple :) Sadly, I haven’t managed to try out that colour-changing umbrella yet…I was too sick from flu to go outside. But hopefully, soon! :)

  6. ivana split

    I love tartan scarf….Believe it or not, I wore a very similar outfit today. I opted for an oversize blue tartan scarf that resembles yours. This outfit is very stylish and you look pretty.

    • caliope

      Thank you very much, Ivana! Yeah, tartan scarves are so versatile :)

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