H&M Eye Colour Palette | REVIEW

When I saw the Eye Colour Palettes at H&M I knew I had to try at least one of them. I have a bit of a weakness for eye shadow palettes after all…

The palette I chose is Twilight And Rose which consists largely of brown and rose shades.  I’ve had this palette for over a month now but I wanted to get some use out of it before giving my review. While H&M is the epitome of fast-fashion I still rather like shopping there as they always have a good amount of current styles and basics on offer and the prices are affordable. So when they launched their huge, new cosmetics line earlier this year I was all ears.

The Colours:


1. column down: a white and two pinks. The white is matte, the medium pink has very subtle shimmer and the strong pink is matte again.

2. column down: a very light brown, a light very shimmery pink and a cool dark brown.

3. column down: a matte brown, followed by a light warm brown and a matte black.


It was hard to get swatches in good lighting but as you can see the bottom light brown in column 2 is the least colour-intensive.

21538602743_0c78dec105_o  21567808384_e107364600_o

21536893674_e21a1c2cf6_o  22190546235_1836997253_o

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My Favourites:

1) the strong matte pink. I mostly wear this on the outer corner of the upper lid as an accent. It is quite colour-intensive and long-lasting which I like. I guess, pink eyeshadow is not for everyone but I have green/brown eyes so I like pink and reddish shades as a contrast.

2) the light brown – this I like to wear on the upper lid as it has light coverage and blends nicely. It is barely visible but nice for day-time looks.

3) the shimmer shadow for under the brow bone


The Design:

The packaging design is minimal with gold lettering which is nice. I like the sleek, black and white look. The palette comes complete with a small leaflet that contains a trio of simple tutorials for natural, classic and night-time looks. Something most of us probably don’t need anymore but nice if you’re in doubt as to which colour to use how.

21569080553_4fc01f7d63_o (1)

Verdict: It is a versatile selection of basic eye shadows. The colour choices are good and the browns and pinks complement each other well. Not every colour is long lasting though. I like that there’s shimmery and matte shades to choose from and that the focus is on matte (7:2). The two shimmery shades and the white work well as highlighters or under the brow. Overall, I definitely prefer it to the Catrice Absolute matte palette, another palette I recently bought. In comparison, this H&M palette has much better colour payoff and the darker colours last longer. As I have rather pale skin the light browns show up reasonably well. Anyone with a darker complexion might not get so much out of the browns though as the colour payoff here could be better.

Pros: The price! At €12,99 it is one of the more affordable palettes. It is nice for anyone who likes pinks and browns and prefers matte eye shadow with light coverage. Good for day-time looks.

Cons: The colour payoff and longevity in some shades could be better.

Has anyone of you tried products from the new H&M beauty line yet?

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