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outfit recap august 2016


Happy 1st September! I can’t believe August went by so quickly and it’s already the beginning of fall today (ok, only meteorologically!).  Berlin temperatures are still going strong and it feels like summer all around.

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February Outfit recap 2016

I can’t believe it’s March already! Time is positively flying…I already gave you a recap of the coat styles I’ve been wearing this (and last) winter but I don’t want to withhold my monthly outfit recap for February. I actually find these overviews quite useful myself in keeping track of my own outfits over the years.  Continue reading


My Outfits November 2015 | Caliope Couture

December has finally started and it’s high time for last month’s outfit recap. As usual, the month has been incredibly busy and as I mentioned before, I have had to combat bad lighting conditions.

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Happy October! High time to do a quick recap of last month’s outfits. I personally always love the month of September. Not only is it the month I was born, I also like the slow turning of the leaves, it’s subtly darker in the mornings, the nights get chillier… Continue reading

OUTFIT RECAP August 2015

It’s September already! One of my favourite months as it marks the slow but steady beginning of fall and the year drawing to a close. I love autumn with all its shades of gold and falling leaves…

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It’s already the beginning of August – and I can’t believe how fast the year is going by. Nevertheless, I have taken the time to look back on July’s outfits. I just love a good outfit recap as it’s a great way to keep track of the different styles and ensembles worn each month!

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