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Gifts For Doglovers

Gifts For Doglovers


Some people cannot get enough of dogs and I have to plead guilty so I thought I’d compile a little gift guide for doglovers as the last of this year’s holiday gift series.

Several items in this list are actually on my personal wishlist like the wonderful jewellery made by Amit Eshel of Siberian Art Jewellery. He makes intricate, wearable pieces of art from sterling silver or gold. The best thing is that he even makes pieces featuring little known breeds like the Canaan Dog, the Basenji or the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever. And his breed portraits are extremely naturalistic, the best I’ve seen so far in fact. He really manages to capture the essence of the different breeds.

Being a huge teadrinker I can never have enough mugs and I love the ones by Dunoon. They have several very stylish dog designs on offer and I especially love the Cairngorm shape which is huge with a capacity of 480 ml. There is nothing worse than having to drink tea from tiny cups in my opinion ;)

The colourful wall art print was created by an artist who wants to counter the negative stereotypes that surround shelter pets and so-called “bully breeds” like pitbulls. Instead, she wanted to shed light on their loyal and affectionate personalities and created a series of soulful portraits in vibrant collages.

An unusual but very cool idea is the custom pet nose necklace which lets you take a cast of your loved one’s nose and then get it back as a sterling silver necklace.

Being slightly jewellery centered these days, I also fell in love with this Tomas Sabo charm featuring the Town Musicians Of Bremen . For all non-Germans, this is a German fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm about four senior farm animals (an old dog among them) that are discarded by their owners due to old age but then find companionship in each other and make a new life for themselves.

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