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July Favourites 2016

I hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend! It’s already the last day of July so today, I have some favourites of the month for you. In the collage you can see my latest app addiction, new succulents for my desk, my never-ending love of fresh pineapple and my akita boy at work with me (who celebrated his one-year anniversary with us this month).

Favourite Products (Fashion + Beauty)

I have mentioned in one of my recent outfit posts that I’ve recently started getting into vintage style clothing. The feminine cuts of the 50s and 60s really appeal to me and I love the cute prints and styling that often go with it. I just recently discovered Lady Vintage, a London based online shop that recreates vintage cut dresses here. What’s also really great about them is that they cater for a huge range of sizes that go from EU36 to 58. Yay for being inclusive! After contemplating an order for weeks I finally went ahead and got two dresses from the sale section before going on my shopping ban. This flamingo number is a particular favourite which you will see again in an outfit post next month.

vintage print flamingo dressvintage print flamingo dress

As for beauty products, I made a surprising drugstore discovery when I was casually browsing one of the latest trend IT UP (dm drugstore brand) limited editions and my eye fell on an eyebrow gel. It’s the Dip Eyebrow Gel from the Nomadic Elegance LE. I absolutely LOVE this product and I even went back to get a second one to stash away. If you like accentuated brows with a natural finish then this might be worth looking at. I can fully recommend it! It’s long-lasting, the packaging comes with a little brush and application is super easy and relatively precise. The texture is great and there are three different shades to choose from. My go to shade is 020, which is the perfect medium brown.

trend IT UP nomadic elegance eyebrow gel in 020

Favourite TV Show


The 4th season just became available. I watch it on Amazon Prime Video.

So worth watching if you like medieval settings and complex characters. I should warn you though – if Game of Thrones is too violent or bloody for your taste then Vikings is probably not for you. I would say it’s even a bit more extreme but totally worth watching as I think parts of it actually depict medieval life rather well. Originally produced for the History channel, it’s a combination of historical facts and fiction mixed in with the Norse saga of Ragnar Lothbrok who rose up to be king of Norway from being a small farmer. It’s not concluded historically whether the person of Ragnar actually existed or not but the story as such is probable enough. The storyline is full of deceit, battles and borders on the tragic now and then. And for all of us girls, there’s an abundance of braided hairstyles on parade. I even found Vikings inspired braiding tutorials on YouTube. I love this one here and here. Silvouspleats has some really great tutorials with lots of explanations. A pity I’m really really bad at braiding my own hair other than the normal way.

By the way, some of you may remember the lead actor from an infamous Calvin Klein ad back in the 2000s. But he does a surprisingly awesome job of portraying the flawed and troubled yet relatable viking leader. The entire cast was chosen very well in my opinion, King Egbert is the epitome of a medieval European king for example. And Amy Bailey as Queen Kwentrith is quite a stunner.


prisma diamante and makeup

Favourite App

I just discovered Prisma and what can I say – I love it! It is quite addictive. Actually a great way to see your photos in a different light and inspire you to do some artwork (at least that’s how it works for me). What I love is that you can not only choose from 29 filters with different artistic styles but you can also decide how strong you want the effect to be. So the possibilities are endless! As other bloggers have pointed out the only annoying detail is the app logo that is always added in different colours. I would at least prefer this to be neutral. I find the red logo in the picture below totally disturbing for example (what’s wrong with grey?). For more about the app, see here.

e3882f14b0067b2342d07ca683137566resNetFinal_final0 79348b11492ac08771fc0215eb73bf54resNet9_n1 6351c55d3407d5231e4eca9346208cb51507_k15 03ed42a71dfa9e4ea3a53ca1ef38e317kd



This post-impressionist style totally spells Gauguin to me. Doesn’t it remind you of his Tahiti work?

Favourite Links

Some links that I found inspiring over the last few months.

  • It’s World Elephant Day on August 12th. Why not Join The Herd to show your support against elephant and rhino extinction? It’s a global movement here to celebrate and protect elephants and rhinos from poaching and end the ivory trade. Sadly, I think this will not be an easy or even feasible task but I think it’s a step in the right direction to create as much awareness as you can.
  • How cute are these fruit slice cakes from Studio DIY? You can see the original post and recipe here.The site has tons more cutesie crafty things in store like this giant tropical cocktail piñata  here.


Photo by Jeff Mindell | Cakes by Theresa Rountree | Courtesy of Studio DIY

What were your favourites of the month? Have you watched Vikings?

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  1. Tessy

    Very nice post dear..nice picks too.

  2. Poldo napitupulu

    Adorable dress
    Love the print

  3. Nataliya

    I absolutely love the Vikings TV series! I binged on it for a while with my husband. The characters are so well developed. I haven’t finished watching it yet because I switched over to Orange is the New Black as soon as it came out and I’m still working on GoT, but I’m going to finish it up soon. I’m trying to extend it as long as possible.

    Style Tomes


    Nice post.

  5. Izabela

    Great recap. The flamingo print dress is so pretty.

  6. Verena

    Tolle Outfits, vor allem flamingos mag ich richtig gern :)
    Die cakes sehen ja auch was super aus!

    GLG Verena

  7. Luda

    Nice post

  8. carolina

    i love that first dress you showed !! so pretty

  9. Clare

    Prisma looks like a very fun app! I think i saw it featured on the App store but I forgot what month it was. And those succulents! I’ve been really wanting to have one. I think I’ll be buying one soon! First time on your blog by the way and I am immediately in love with your header background Image! <3

  10. Lola

    great favorities!
    NEW BLOG ! please follow me : YOUNG BLOG

  11. Robin Smith

    So amazing dress!

  12. Yvette

    I am in love with the cakes! Particularly the watermelon. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Gabrielle

    How interesting you’re getting into vintage clothing; I can certainly see those styles suiting you, such as the super-pretty sweetheart neckline of the dress in this post! Also, the Studio DIY cake slices are adorable!

  14. Paulina Siedlecka

    great post doll


  15. Gemma

    Great post, I love your flamingo dress, the neckline is gorgeous! Gemma x

  16. Hadasah Love (Style to Love)

    LOVE :)
    Hadasah |

  17. Ela

    Your flamingo dress looks so pretty, I love the colour and style of it! Whenever I see Vikings on the tv, I tend to skip it all the time. If I don’t have anything to watch then I will give vikings a go :) Also those fruit slices look so delicious!

    Ela BellaWorld

  18. Jacqueline

    Tolle Favoriten!

    Hab eine schöne Woche!

    xoxo Jacqueline

  19. Dora

    Loving the favorites!

  20. Das Schminkstübchen

    Ich mag das Kleid mit den Flamingos so, das macht total gute Laune. :) Ich finde, Du hast immer so besondere Kleider, die man nicht so oft auf Fashionblogs erspäht. Das gefällt mir! “Vikings” habe ich noch nicht gesehen, höre aber so viel Gutes darüber!
    Liebe Grüße!

  21. Ela

    Diese Kuchen sehen ja echt zum anbeißen aus. Und du hast einfach ein Händchen für schöne Kleider.
    Liebe Grüße Ela

  22. Jeanne

    Love that flamingo print! Cool dress! ;)

  23. Missy May

    Great recap, Christina. :) I love vintage clothing, but I’m yet to find a place I can shop for pieces in my area.
    Lately I’ve been into cleansers, face masks and toners.

  24. jointyicroissanty

    Such a nice recap:)
    Adorable flamingo dress and lovely dog!:)


  25. The Fashion Folks

    The cakes looks so so lovely, haha such a charming idea! Have to check it out! Xx

  26. Aurelie | Surface85

    Very nice recap! Love the dress, it’s so cool.
    A softer version of Game of Thrones why not? If it’s easier to understand than GoT, I’m totally in. Every time I watch GoT I feel so dumb I just understand nothing that is going on ahaha
    We started to watch Marco Polo and I found it very good so far, plus it’s representing Chinese and Mogolian history pretty well which is interesting.

    Aurelie |

  27. Rena

    Danke fürs Teilen Deiner Favoriten! Pineapples finde ich grundsätzlich auch immer total lecker und jetzt hast Du mich richtig neugierig auf die App gemacht :) Danke!
    xx Rena

  28. Katha

    Tolle Favoriten und Outfits :)
    Vor allem das Kleid mit den Flamingos finde ich niedlich.
    xx Katha

  29. Jana

    Ich liebe Vikings! Die Serie ist einfach so klasse gemacht und super spannend :)

    Liebe Grüße,
    Jana von

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