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Winter Whites and Blue

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Winter has come to Berlin and coat season with it. I personally love wool coats and have a respectable collection at home by now.

This winter white wool coat by Benetton is a relatively recent acquisition of mine – I’ve had it for two years now :) When I like a coat I usually wear it as long as I can so many of the coats I own could be called vintage by now. I also have a penchant for good quality fabrics so being able to wear such an item for several seasons is actually a plus. The only problem is that coats usually take up quite a lot of storage space so this is doing nothing for the manageability of my closet. I am absolutely in love with this coat’s wide collar and white/ivory is one of my favourite shades for winter.

Winter Whites


Excuse the slightly blurry quality of the photos – my photographer must have been freezing to death the way his hands were shaking. But seriously, after a really mild autumn, temperatures have finally dropped to single digits here in Berlin.

Winter White Coat | Caliope Couture


I have styled the coat with an all-time classic, a paisley silk scarf and matching leather driving gloves.You seldom see these on people nowadays but I have always loved them. They seem like a relic from another era. Funnily enough, I don’t even have a driver’s licence.



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Winter White Coat | Caliope Couture




Outfit Details:

Coat – Benetton (similar)

Overknee Boots – KMB (high heel version)

Scarf – Mala Alisha (similar)

Gloves – Roeckl (similar)


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  1. Einen hellen Mantel möchte ich auch unbedingt noch haben, deiner gefällt mir sehr gut :)

    Liebe Grüße,
    Jana von

  2. Lovely! you scarf really ties the look together. Gemma xx

  3. Der Nagellack hat gerade mein Herz erobert :-*

  4. I love your coat. I always like a light colored coat in the winter to brighten up my day. I have a lot of old coats as well that take up a lot of closet space. However, I’m always glad to have them when the weather dips. You look great!


  5. The vintage coat looks so good on you and I love the details of the scarf!
    Fashion’s Iconic Capitals | Styleccentric Fashion’

  6. I like the colour combination of your outfit! It looks so pretty :)

  7. I do love your white wool coat! so well paired with those dark blue boots and scarf…very inspiring styling.

    you look absolutely divine!!!!!!!!!

  8. You look so charming! I love the color combo:)

  9. I love that coat and your nails! I always say a good coat can be worn forever :)

  10. Those driving gloves are so cool! You’re right, you never see those around anymore. Love the look, great post!
    xo Kiki

  11. I love your coat and the winter white is a great choice! I have a long coat that is a winter staple and just made it to the ten-year mark. I decided to retire it this season, and purchased a black and white number that I’m excited to wear. Your over-the-knee boots and nail color are stunning, too!

  12. What a great winter look! Absolutely love your coat!
    Fashion Soup

  13. I love this look so much and your boots are gorgeous! I love the suede material for this season too. It’s so chic and cosy at the same time. – FASHION HAUL

  14. Die Handschuhe sind ja umwerfend! Die sehen echt total schön aus und passen super zu dem hellen Mantel :) Mach weiter so!
    Ich habe nämlich auch sie einen ähnlichen Stil wie du <3

    Liebe Grüße,

  15. You look absolutely lovely. I really love your style!

  16. The coat looks amazing!! I love it in combination with your gloves!!! Wonderful look :)


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