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Pretty Little Gifts – For Under €30

Inexpensive Little Gifts


With Christmas being only 14 more days away it’s high time to get some gifts for your friends and loved ones. I suppose most people already have their shopping done but if you’re like me you might just appreciate some more holiday gift inspiration. This is why I have decided to do a few gift guide posts over the course of the next weeks.In this first installation, there’s a little selection of relatively inexpensive gifts for her. Inexpensive is relative, of course, but all these accessories are under or just at €30. I think christmas gift shopping shouldn’t break your bank so I always like to have little gifts that can be given on their own or combined with something handmade. I’m thinking of a pretty brooch or a pair of good quality, but not too expensive, leather gloves for instance. So among my favourites are:

Brooches: These brooches I found at Macon & Lesquoy (here) are just too cute and would make a fabulous gift for a friend who likes a fun or tongue in cheek approach to fashion. Look at that shark brooch! Also like these glittery teepee inspired ones by Des Petits Hauts (here).

Small Bags: A cosmetic bag or coin pouch (here) can be a great gift plus you could always stuff it with an added extra like a lipstick or something.

Cushions: How cute is this pomegranate print? I found these lovely patterns at They offer free worldwide shipping by the way! Also love this tote bag here.

Ankle socks: Giving socks at Christmas used to be a huge no-go – it most probably still is but these little frilly or lurex adorned sneaker socks are just so cute and trending right now. I think they would be great as a little added gift. Gotto love these foxy ones here.


Bowtie brooch

Throw pillow

Ankle socks

Jellyfish brooch

Shark brooch




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  1. lauren at adorn la femme

    These Xmas gift ideas are all so charming and cute! Love the frilly ankle socks!!

    adorn la femme

    • caliope

      Thank you Lauren :) Glad you like them!

    • caliope

      Thank you Lauren :) Yeah, I love these little socks too!

  2. Gabrielle

    Ankle socks make great gifts and especially as stocking fillers – I love the pair you selected with the ruffling detail! :)

  3. Ela

    I like cushions and I think they would make a good gift for someone who likes decoration stuff. Pomegranate one looks different but also cool!

    • caliope

      Definitely :) Yes, it’s a bit edgy but I love fruit prints and really like the unexpected combination with the fluo colours!

  4. Jodie

    That Jellyfish brooch is so cute!

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x

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