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Casual Winter Work Wear


I always enjoy seeing other bloggers’ work wear combinations so today I’m showing you an outfit I wore to the office the other week.

While I rather enjoy extravagant looks and high heels in my time off, work wear is usually a bit more toned down as comfort is key for me there. So this is the start of a little work wear series.

Even now in winter I prefer simple cotton jersey tees or tops as they are the most breathable and convenient. I take a bike to the office every day so being able to move freely is a must. I’m also a big fan of layering so cardigans and scarves are a must for me. I usually start getting cold soon after sitting down at the computer.

This pixel Meerkat T-shirt by ArmedAngels is one of my favourites and I love combining it with a warmer layer such as this doubleface sweat cardigan by Tom Tailor. The ostrich embossed Furla bag adds a bit of visual interest and a pop of colour. I have to admit I resort heavily to black and white combinations in my work wear as those are just so versatile and can be dressed up or down accordingly.

Ich finde die Arbeits- und Alltags-Outfits anderer Blogger immer sehr spannend. Denn obwohl ich als Fashionbloggerin natürlich gerne mal über die Stränge schlage und mich im Tüllrock und High Heels zeige, sehen meine Büro-Looks dann doch anders aus. Denn an Arbeitstagen habe ich es gern bequem und praktisch. Trotzdem sollen meine Outfits natürlich ein bischen chic sein oder zumindest meinen persönlichen Stil unterstreichen.

Da ich mit dem Fahrrad zur Arbeit fahre, trage ich sehr gern Tops und T-Shirts aus Baumwolljersey – auch jetzt im Winter, da man sich in ihnen einfach am besten bewegen kann. Weiß ist dabei mein absoluter Favorit, da ich denke, dass es zu meinem typ am Besten passt. Außerdem bin ich ein großer Freund von Layering-Looks da mir auf dem Fahrrad eher zu warm, im Office dann aber auch schnell wieder kalt wird, sobald ich am Rechner sitze. Auch Schals gehören für mich immer dazu, da ich eine kleine Frostbeule bin. Hier ist mir Qualität sehr wichtig, denn ein Schal aus einer Kaschmir-Seide-Mischung ist viel angenehmer zur Haut als ein Stück aus reinem Polyacryl. Und hält auch viel besser warm!

Wie sehen eure typischen Arbeits-Outfits im Winter aus?

casual winter work wear outfit with pixel meerkat shirt and ostrich bagcasual winter work wear outfit with pixel meerkat shirt and ostrich bagcasual winter work wear outfit with pixel meerkat shirt and ostrich bagcasual winter work wear outfit with pixel meerkat shirt and ostrich bagcasual winter work wear outfitcasual winter work wear outfit

Outfit Details:

T-Shirt – Armed Angels (other cool ones here or here)

Skirt – Esprit (similar here or here)

Cardigan – Tom Tailor similar

Tights – Rossmann

Boots – Esprit similar

Bag – Furla

Scarf – Becksöndergaard

casual winter work wear outfit with pixel meerkat shirtcasual winter work wear outfit with pixel meerkat shirt and ostrich bag

casual winter work wear outfit

It was windy which accounts for my unruly hair

casual winter work wear outfit with pixel meerkat shirt and ostrich bagcasual winter work wear outfit with pixel meerkat shirt and ostrich bag

Do you have a winter uniform? 

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  1. Wow, der Cardigan sieht ja richtig toll aus! Da mag ich den Schnitt besonders gerne. Und die Tasche sieht auch richtig chic aus .-*

    Melanie /

  2. Hey, ein tolles Outfit. Nur im Shirt wäre mir auch auf der Arbeit zu kühl, aber der Cardigan sieht dazu super aus!
    Liebe Grüße!

  3. I love your cardigan it’s so pretty! x

    Jessica — NinetyCo

  4. Ohh, love the cardigan! Looks so cozy and so chic with the fall too. Also love the color touch of the pink bag. Have a lovely week! Xx

  5. Hi Christina! You look lovely in this outfit, and I adore the meerkat print top! It’s so whimsical and fun, and adds a playful touch to the look. I agree, comfort is key at work, but you’ve managed to look stylish and ultra-chic at the same time.

    Love Saba xx

  6. I work part time in retail now and thankfully, I have a certain dress code to follow so I don’t have the headache on what to wear for work. LOL!

  7. Love this look for work! Your tee is so fun!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  8. This t-shirt is so cute! And how gorgeous your bag is!!!

    Gemma x

  9. This looks like a great work look, and I adore that coat!

    Amber | y a c h t s m a a n

  10. Dein Outfit mit dem Mantel darüber finde ich super!!! Und wieder einmal trägst du eine Strumpfhose nach meinem Geschmack – echt tolle Farbe!!!
    Liebe Grüße


  11. This is such a cute and stylish work outfit! That tee is adorable and I love how you’ve added those plum tights. I think it’s great that you ride your bike to work, it’s a great way to get in some exercise and a much cheaper way to commute! Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a wonderful week ahead!



  12. This is such a playful twist on workwear – it’s a great way of dressing appropriately while still having some fun! The grey cardigan looks SO cosy, perfect for wrapping up in at your desk :)

  13. I love your top. Great work look. I tone it way down for work too.

  14. I love that shirt so much, the meerkat is so cute! Work wear can be really tricky. I also try to focus on comfort in my work attire so I definitely appreciate this look!

  15. Great look, love your shoes and bag :) . I ‘m also a big fan of colourful tights, so yours are right up my street. Have a nice evening – cheers – Margot :)

  16. Your t-shirt is super cute and I LOVE your grey coat! Great office attire!!

  17. Da bin ich gerade am Ausprobieren. Ich hab gerade einen neuen Job angefangen, einen Officejob. Da das mein erster solcher Job ist, habe ich nicht all zu viele Kleider dafür und muss langsam sehen, dass ich mir ein paar Teile zulege.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  18. Layering is key in offices. They are always too hot or too cold so a cardigan, light sweater, or jackets are a must have. I like hoe you added a bit of your personality with the tee.

  19. Love this stylish work outfit! Your top is so cute!

    Doused In Pink

  20. Layering is really everything in Winter. How cool that you take a bike ride to the office! I’m sure that’s a very healthy habit and you’re also helping the ecology.

    That t-shirt is so lovely. I sometimes wear cotton t-shirts under jumpers and sweaters because as you said- they let the skin breathe. Naturally, I also love to pair them with cardigans and cute jackets- to make them more visible.

    you look great! fabulous skirt too.

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